Facility & Asset Management

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Facility- Asset-Management

Facility & Asset Management

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Facility & Asset Maintenance optimizes the use of assets that have a long life cycle and require maintenance. The goal of this product is to maximize and extend the life cycle of organization’s assets by making sure the product is operational as much as possible, hence by reducing the time for maintenance to a minimum.

Functions & Features

  • Facility to Track Assets
  • Complaint Management(Assigning, Transferring, Reopening)
  • Work Order & Work Entry Management
  • Service Level Agreement Management.
  • Facility to record Accidents
  • Meter Reading Entry
  • Maintenance Director & Functional Manager Desktop
  • Customized Custodian Desktop
  • Facility to maintain Asset Transfers
  • Renewal, Maintenance Alerts via SMS/ Email
  • Task Scheduling
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Physical Location Structure
  • Handling of Disposed, Damaged and Lost Assets
  • Detailed Reports for all Transactions

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