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School Management System

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Education is a dynamic process, as the world is rapidly progressing, the conventional understanding of knowledge and pedagogical tools also need to evolve with the same pace.

With this change in the education services spectrum across, the knowledge dissipation and educational service delivery is not confined to a specific geographies but has been spreading across the boundaries.

Whether it’s holistic learning or technologically aided education the process of knowledge dissemination is evolving rapidly.

While studying these changes we thought, a comprehensive approach to encompass the entire education service delivery spectrum was inevitable that will cater to not only to the administrative processes of an institution but also help them in Academic excellence, Process excellence and become a decision support system to enhance the ecosystem and to ensure collaborative education service delivery framework institutionalization.

I-MILER  – Institute Management & Integrated Learning Ecosystem”, an Education ERP platform, is a product of ESSKAE Management Solutions Pvt Ltd India.

I-MILER is a comprehensive platform that has been developed after several rounds of research studies and consultations with the education institutions experts and analyzing multiple challenges which hinders the education service deliveries and as a result stagnate the institutions.

While Studying the Education service delivery challenges we came across few of them that are most prominent, and act as the bottlenecks in most of the Schools / Collages / Institutions

  1. Ineffective & Insufficient Assessments Framework –

Continuous Teacher assessment and realignment becoming inevitable for the schools

  1. Effective Pedagogy:Practices that maximize student academic and social learning –

Delivery of Rigorous curriculum in ways that actively engage students, are clear, and recognize naive conceptions that students bring to the classroom about the academic content to be learned

  1. School / Institute Management:Concerns in front of schools / Institutes –
  1. Motivating Students
  2. Involving Parents in schoolwork
  3. Keeping up with technology
  4. Administering quality of Education


  1. Bandwidth Challenges:

Most of the bandwidth consumed in the transactional, mundane activities limiting teacher’s bandwidth for enhancing the value based content delivery

  1. Standardization: Consistency in Education

Stability & Quality of teachers and specialist result in discrete content and varied content delivery.

Absence of integrated Learning framework

  1. Collaborative Education delivery system:

Absence of adequate parent – Student – Teacher- School communication interface,

Maintaining & Consolidating Active & positive partnership with Parents

IMILE serves as a platform that caters to these and many other needs of the educational institutions across the geographies empowering them with the strength of process excellence, administrative excellence and education service delivery excellence.

The Student Life cycle management at IMILE blends Learning experience and Administrative platforms that revolves around – Governance, Curriculum, Assessment & evaluation and Administration encompassing the key stakeholders – Teaching, Non-teaching staff, Parents and Alumni of the institution making it collaborative Education service delivery platform.

Modular depiction of the IMILE platform highlights the comprehensive approach towards the Administrative processes, Academic processes, Human Resource Management and Integrated learning ecosystem. IMILE gives enhanced flexibility by ensuring seamless integration with the other homegrown system so as to eliminate any manual intervention and data / information loss due to human errors.

Core Strengths of IMILE

SCPE: Single Channel Process Execution
SCPE, Enables School to execute and administer all the processes in an integrated manner, though a single channel, eliminating the transactional workload on the staff and enhancing processes efficiencies. Reduced Transactional workload helps teachers to concentrate more on the value creation by means of excellent education delivery

I-MILE is available in – CLOUD as well as ON PREMISE platform, this provides scalability & Flexibility to the schools in – Customization in processes & workflows, Notifications and Alerts, Dashboards & Analytics, Multiple location integration and so on.

I-MILE is completely secured and is enabled with 5 Level action security protocols for data protection. Data backup and disaster recovery is one of the strengths of I-MILE that help us promise 100% up time and Business continuity planning.

Ease of Use:
Efficient and innovative user experience design makes IMILE very attractive and intuitive, this helps ease of use. I-MILE is a Web based application making it accessible to the user anywhere anytime. I-MILE is also enabled for the smartphones & Tablets platforms.

Return on Investment:
Industry best practices implementation by means of I-MILE intervention helps the Schools / Institution to lower the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of School / Institute administration. It also enhances the service delivery hence helping the optimization on investment returns. The Standardization brought across the institutional span compliments ERP investments

Comprehensive Coverage:
I-MILE is developed with the help of practitioners and Industry experts making it one of the best comprehensive Integrated School Management Systems. Covering span from School Management to Administrative processes to e Learning to Human Resource Management

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L I & Management System

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Laboratory Information & Management System

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P M System

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Pharmacy Management System

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Hospital ERP Solution

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The majority of various modules which together constitute the Hospital ERP Solution are as follows:
Functions & Features

Out Patient

  • OP Multi Visit Package
  • OP Static Package
  • OP Nursing
  • Patient Master Index
  • Patient Appointment


  • IP Admission & Transfer
  • Bed Management
  • Discharge Management
  • IP Nursing Station & Care
  • IP Ordering
  • IP Dynamic Package (DRG)
  • IP Static Package
  • OR Management


  • MIS Reports
  • Kitchen & Dietary
  • Vendor Relationship Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Library Management
  • Facility & Asset Maintenance
  • HR & Payroll
  • Security Module
  • Medical Process Setup

Billing and Finance

  • Material Management
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Asset Management
  • Insurance Management & E Claim
  • IP Billing Manager
  • OP Billing Manager
  • Medical Process Setup


  • Pharmacy & E Prescription
  • RFID / Smart Cards/SMS
  • PACS Integration
  • Barcode for Inventory
  • Barcode for Pharmacy
  • Biometric for Patient
  • Attendance System
  • OP Billing Manager
  • Laboratory Equipment’s

Pharmacy / Inventory

  • Point of Sale
  • Pharmacy System
  • Inventory Management

Clinical Modules

  • Medical Record
  • Specialties Modules (EMR)
  • Quality Control
  • Blood Bank
  • Laboratory System
  • Radiology Module


  • ICD & CPT codes
  • PDA interface
  • Interface with critical care devices
  • Compatible with international standards such as HL7 and HIPAA
  • EDI for insurance claims management
  • Easily integrates with other systems
  • System wide alerts
  • Access anytime from anywhere
  • Unique Discharge procedure
  • Multilingual
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi Clinic / Hospital
  • Formula Based Re-order Management
  • Uni-Dose for IP Prescriptions
  • Appointment to Balance Sheet
  • Automatic Screening Alerts
  • Robust Security, based on international ERP standards
  • Built on internationally acclaimed Sage SDK
  • Significant savings through better Inventory and Pharmacy management
  • Integration with Finance through multiple Account Sets
  • Segment Based G/L Setup allows for TB and P&L for each department and/or provider
  • Asset Management with many types of depreciation
  • Fast processing of large IP bills
  • Multiple rate lists
  • Customizable data searching capabilities
  • Extensive configuration settings, based on many years of domain and implementation experience
  • Drill down from Finance to Front-end Hospital Modules, like OP Bill, IP Bill and Pharmacy
  • Company and Insurance management
  • Laboratory and Radiology tests can be ordered and results viewed
  • Comprehensive EHR for many specialties
  • EHR modules to allow the physician full access to and control over clinical information

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PLM System through RFID

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Parking Lot Management System

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RFID Management System

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RFID tagging and tracking solutions offered by Way Point Systems FZCO would enhance the efficiency of your business
by providing real- time visibility of the business functions. This aids in managing your business in Asset tracking,Delegate tracking during events, Livestock management, Attendance management, Library management system,
Parking management system and in Retail and Trading domains.

We have partnered with OEMs and offer the following products to enhance your business performance:
RFID fixed readers, handheld readers, vehicle mount readers, tags, antennas and RFID printers.

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GPS Tracking System

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GPS Tracking System

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Fleet Management System

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Fleet Management System

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Facility- Asset-Management

Facility & Asset Management

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Facility & Asset Maintenance optimizes the use of assets that have a long life cycle and require maintenance. The goal of this product is to maximize and extend the life cycle of organization’s assets by making sure the product is operational as much as possible, hence by reducing the time for maintenance to a minimum.

Functions & Features

  • Facility to Track Assets
  • Complaint Management(Assigning, Transferring, Reopening)
  • Work Order & Work Entry Management
  • Service Level Agreement Management.
  • Facility to record Accidents
  • Meter Reading Entry
  • Maintenance Director & Functional Manager Desktop
  • Customized Custodian Desktop
  • Facility to maintain Asset Transfers
  • Renewal, Maintenance Alerts via SMS/ Email
  • Task Scheduling
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Physical Location Structure
  • Handling of Disposed, Damaged and Lost Assets
  • Detailed Reports for all Transactions

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Real Estate Management System

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Real Estate Management System